The Children's home

The Children's home : a family-style orphanage


In December 2007, the Baobab orphanage opened its doors to children in need. Since then, dozens of children have come and gone. Some have been reunited with family, others have been adopted by new families.These days, 9 children live at the Baobab farm and two in foster care in Bagamoyo. Three dedicated housemothers work on a rotating schedule to give the kids lots of love and attention.

Things are kept smalll and personal so that good food and care is provided. Additionaly there is a lot of effort put into working with extended families and striving toward reunification if possible. Rather than grow larger, the home focusses more of it's efforts on outreach with the many HIV+ kids in the community.

Most of the Baobab kids arrived severely malnourished and badly neglected. Some were abandoned, and some taken from families suffering deeply from mental illness, addiction or HIV/AIDS. Today the kids are all healthy, thriving and part of the Baobab family.  

The Steven Tito Academy 

Steven Tito Academy: An English medium primary school

Steven Tito Academy (STA) was established as program of The Baobab Home.  As the kids reached school age, there were no good options for their education. Local schools are overcrowded, hitting is commonplace and educational resources are nonexistent.  Because of this most Tanzanian children underachieve in school and their schools under-challenge and under-serve them.  The Baobab home wanted something better! At STA qualitative, safe education for the kids from the Baobab Home and the Bagamoyo community is offered. The STA has high expectations for all students and aims to create empowered thinkers who can contribute to a better Tanzania.  The green school focuses on providing a well-rounded education that includes science, math, English, arts and physical education and is tailored to each unique student.


Stronger Together program

Breakfast program 

Outreach program

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